Otezla, Duobril, Clobetasol, Celebrex for Plaque Psoriasis and PSA. Add in Gallons of Aquaphor, 350 mg CBD Rub and Cerave.

I also fight Trigeminal Neuralgia (the suicide disease) Chronic Shingles and Ramsey Hunt from repeated shingles outbreaks in my Trigeminal Nerve tree… for that I take Gabapentin, Valtrex, LLysine, B12…

I was on Otezla last December for two months and it was working better than anything else I’d tried. Covid hit and I got nervous my immune system would weaken so I stopped Otezla. Ended up getting Covid anyway in June/July. The stress of last year has caused my psoriasis…

If the psoriasis skin is torn and bleeding, should I be using an antibiotic ointment or start the psoriasis prescription oil?

Just picked up clobetasol propionate the other day. I feel like my ears are tearing away from my head. Its painful and itchy.

I plan on changing my diet…


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